4 Ways to Ignite Your Social Conversations for SEO

Blogging, tweeting, sharing – all good practices for enhancing your SEO and social media strategy. But the big question emerges, how should you exactly approach community management and what are the best techniques?

A few key tips will get you started on the right track towards optimal social media positioning to support your SEO:

1. Engage your customers with content creation.

Much like group participation and audience interaction in presentations, it is always best to stimulate visitor engagement by provoking actual action and reaction. Experiment with surveys, polls or quizzes, crowdsourcing, and maybe even throw in a game element that is relevant to your product or business solution. Invite your target demographic to share experiences and information which will naturally create a compelling foundation for your social stance.

2. Vary your newsletter and website content.

No one likes to read the same content over and over again- and neither do Google spiders! By putting yourself into your customer’s shoes, you can start to understand what they are exactly looking for and how you can best provide the most tailored, right answers. When refreshing your marketing content, create stories and incentives that are relevant to your audience which will place your business on the top of their mind. Don’t be forgettable by not exposing the right kind of directed, timely content.

3. Create content that is directed and “share-able”.

Sell in a manner that is appealing. It’s as simple as that…well, it’s close! It doesn’t matter if your business is a B2C or B2B- presenting your product in a way that is interesting, relevant, perhaps funny, and thought-proving will draw worthy attention. Social media is the perfect avenue for employing creative, more informal calls-to-action and conversations outside of your corporate site. Make the content easy to share for quick pass-along and increased exposure. If it isn’t easy to share, people aren’t going to share it. Now, that’s really that simple.



4. Don’t forget to cross-promote!

More paths are better than one. If you only pave one road to your business, you will greatly limit your exposure. Cross-promote your content and headline teasers across all media outlets in a methodical way. This means linking your YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites to your blog, website, articles, webcasts, and more. These cross-links are imperative to wrapping your messages into a strong, cohesive SEO power machine. Search engine rankings are improved and strengthened with this approach. Your customers will certainly take notice too.

Stay fresh and solid with your content, implementing the right strategies to share, influence, and impact your industry and client base. Social media and SEO go hand in hand, much like a cupcake with its distinguishing icing.