7 Evergreen Social Media Best Practices

Managing your company’s social media presence can feel overwhelming at times. Best practices seemingly change overnight. This expert appears to say one thing while the latest hot guru says another.

Let Webmarketing123 clear the social clutter for you. Below are some of our best practices for social media, practices that are evergreen no matter what the expert du jour might say.

  1. Post regularly. A no-brainer right? But you’re busy; doing social media well takes time. Time you may not have a lot of, so it’s easy to just let it go, just this once. But having a blog or a Facebook page or Twitter account that goes quiet too often is worse than not having a social media presence at all. Update your social media feeds at least three times a week. If you have a blog, post a minimum of once a week.
  2. If someone is rude, dismisses you, posts a negative comment, etc., stay polite. You’ll win no points and could actually hurt your company’s reputation if you engage in nastiness. In fact, you could win points for staying calm, sane and civil. Nixing cattiness also goes for those times you may comment on a competitor. Always take the high road.
  3. Speaking of negativity, have a crisis plan in place. No matter how nice you are, you will make a mistake and someone will call you on it. Your service will falter. Your product will fail. How will you handle the inevitable complaints – or even firestorm of negative publicity – when something goes wrong?
  4. When someone talks positively about you on one or more social media platforms (other than your own), a simple thank you goes a long way (there are apps and software you can use to be notified when your company’s name appears in social media).
  5. Be present. Don’t post and not return until the next time you post. Your customers expect you to answer their questions, especially if they have a customer service concern. Social media can be a great tool when it comes to answering customers/prospects questions; be sure to be there to answer them. As a rule of thumb, you should respond to a customer’s/prospect’s query or complaint within no more than 24 hours.
  6. Know in advance what you will and won’t discuss. This is why it’s wise – if not necessary – to put together a social media plan. Deciding what you will or won’t discuss on your company’s social media accounts is even more important when you have more than one person managing your feeds.
  7. If you remember just one thing, remember this: social media is all about engagement. It’s not about promotion. It’s about creating “relationships” with your followers. A good rule of thumb is to “sell” (talk about your products/services) 20 percent of the time, with the remaining 80 percent of your posts offering useful content that’s not pure sales.

As we mentioned in the first paragraph, social media is a constantly changing. It takes time and effort to stay on top of the changes Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. make to their platforms. Webmarketing123 can manage your social media presence, freeing you up to do what you do best – run your business. Contact us to learn more.