Establishing a Successful Enterprise Search Marketing Program: Part I

Today, we held our first Enterprise Marketing webinar session. Thanks for joining us! In Part 1 of the two-part session, we walked through the first steps in planning an enterprise search marketing program:

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1. Identify your business challenge

2. Identify who will lead and participate in the program

3. Develop standard metrics across your business units

4. Train key stakeholders

5. Build a project action plan… that will work!


What questions did you have today?

Q: Who are the proper people I need to include in the program?

A: You need top-level support to be actively involved in the team initiative. At least 1 member at the C-level must participate as the champion sponsor. Next, you will need to make sure there is a distinct Program Owner who will take the main lead on the project and will be responsible for each member’s involvement. Beneath the Program Owner, gather together business unit leaders, Product Managers, Marketing Managers, and the web team to head implementation and advise on IT feasibility. Each member of the project needs to be held accountable for handing off deliverables, meeting milestones, and following through with action items throughout the process.

Q: How should we create a realistic budget and timeline?

A: First, start by understanding how much an enterprise search marketing program costs, with consideration to all of your business units. Define your budget during your yearly planning sessions or from end of the year “use or lose” buckets. Then, determine which resources are currently available to  you and which resources you need to recruit. Do you have an SEO team? Do you need to bring Paid Search analysts aboard? Remember that you will also need copy writers for content creation and technical resources for implementation strategy and execution.

A realistic timeline to keep in mind during your planning process is 1-3 months to see positive SEO lift. For Paid Search, it typically takes about 1 month to gain enough traction to gather valuable data, capture leads, and make sales.


Q: What are the pros and cons of taking the project in-house vs. with an agency?

A: The most important take-away from this question is that superior value is created when an enterprise’s industry expertise is coupled with an agency’s technical knowledge and online strategy. If you keep your online marketing project in-house, you will miss out on the search tactics that an agency masters along with the knowledge surrounding in’s and out’s that are critical to the success of a effective program. An agency keeps up with industry trends and knows exactly what it means when there is an algorithm change and must quickly execute the right strategy around it.



Please join us for Part 2 of our Enterprise webinar series on Wednesday, September 22nd:  “5 Keys to Conquering Your Enterprise Search Marketing Program: Part II“.  We look forward to seeing you there!

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Genevieve Waldron