Everyone is an Advertiser Now

Facebook has long given businesses the opportunity to promote their posts to a broader audience, but the new Promoted Posts feature is a foray into generating revenue directly from everyday users.


What intrigues us about this potentially short-lived revenue experiment (remember Facebook Credits? How about Facebook Deals?) is that it blurs the line between consumer and advertiser. ¬†While it seems unlikely to reap Facebook meaningful revenue, widespread adoption of the feature might signal a shift in attitude towards advertising messages. ¬†While the E.U. feels moved to protect their citizens from Google’s targeted advertising, and targeted-ad-blockers are the most-often-downloaded browser add-ons, youthful Facebookers may embrace the opportunity to advertise to their extended circles of friends. In so doing, we take another step closer to accepting that highly personalized (and 2x as effective) advertising is what pays for the services we can’t imagine living without.