Facebook Mobile Advertising is Serious Business (Infographic)

Before you dive into your next Facebook ad campaign, take a moment to consider your mobile audience. Whether you’re an experienced social media marketer or just getting your feet wet with social ads, Qwaya’s latest infographic is a stark reminder to pay attention to mobile advertising (note: Qwaya is a Facebook advertising management tool). According to the infographic, 57% of Facebook’s 955 million monthly active users view Facebook from their mobile phone and that number is on the rise with 67% year over year growth.

So, what’s the takeaway here? Consider these two points to make the most of Facebook mobile advertising opportunities:

  • Invest in mobile friendly ads. Start by testing ad options that are visible to mobile users within Facebook’s newsfeed. Page Post Ads and Sponsored Stories may run either directly within the newsfeed or sidebar, whereas Promoted Posts run exclusively in the newsfeed.
  • Invest in social content creation. As Promoted Posts allow you to take advantage of prime newsfeed real estate, make sure you are routinely creating eye-catching, share-worthy posts. Take advantage of the opportunity to display a full-sized photo or video.

Ultimately, mobile advertising is here to stay. As mobile accounted for 23% of Facebook’s total Q4 2012 revenue, it’s certainly in Facebook’s best interest to keep improving mobile advertising opportunities for social media marketers.


infographic facebook on mobile