From the marketing desk | Google+ is riding the social media wave

Looking for a new way to reach your customers, provide interactive service, or privately communicate with different network groups in real-time?

Here you go! Google is closing the circle with a new social media initiative – Google+ project. Striking a cord with social networking enthusiasts, Google+ is similar yet quite different from Facebook with its specialized focus on selective community looping.

At the core, Google+ appears more private and adeptly geared towards giving users more communication options, feature-rich tools to segment your network into custom themed groups, and more distinct power over your messages and recipients. The Google+ UI is especially clean and intuitive, built on a well-developed, secure platform. Being able to pick and choose which sections of your network will receive certain messages and targeted communications is a big win in Google’s new social network roll-out. You can personalize your groups and direct your messages in an easily customized way with Circles, Hangouts, and Sparks.

The Google+ project: A quick look

A downside of Facebook’s status updates and wall posts is that they are generally exposed to your entire network’s audience. Unfortunately, you don’t have the ability to fully customize your privacy to the levels and segments that you may want. Relaying information across your entire network may be irrelevant to some members and the tendency to clutter feeds is common. Plus, you don’t communicate the same content or in the same fashion to all people. Just like in marketing, you have different target audiences for different products/services and not all your marketing messages are going to be directed to the same groups of people.

We always look for ways to streamline our personal and business communication to make it easier to relate to and more relevant. We don’t want to bore or alienate our audience; we want to cultivate our varying relationships with the right kind of communication behavior. This is why I, like many others, am intrigued by Google+.

Closing the loop with the people you need and want to target, Google looks to be hitting a home run. I’m excited to see Google+ unleashed and how it will play in the game against Facebook. At the end of the day, Google controls search. Will Google rise to become a social media titan next?

NY Times