From the marketing desk | Top 4 Tips for Exposing Your Brand on Facebook

When it comes to rounding out your circle of interactive marketing, branding the right way on Facebook is critical. Not only is every other business doing it, but doing it the¬†right¬†way is another thing. Many marketers believe that they can put up a Facebook page and that’s it – done deal. Think again. More and more users are signing into Facebook each day, and now with the birth of Google+, there will soon be another social space to explore.

Here’s how you can start advancing your social exposure on Facebook in 4 ways that are cost-effective and easy to manage.

1. Pages

Personify your brand and gain insight with the ability to correspond with your audience on your wall and message board. Provide a home for your apps, promotions, and ad campaigns. Use iFrames to customize your page into a unique experience for visitors, encouraging repeated visits and growth of a fan base. Also, use your page to cross-promote across your other social networks including Twitter and YouTube.

2. Ads

Take advantage of the ability to promote paid ads in social to reach large numbers of people. Facebook is a popular hangout where people spend a good slice of their time each day. Similar to Pay-Per-Click search engine marketing, social media ad creative can be tested and tuned to your following based on activity levels that you can measure. It is a great place for promoting new products, special offers, and timely updates.


3. Sponsored Stories

Boost your brand recognition through the support of user-generated content. Virality increases with the combination of ad promotion and fan behavior impacting your news feed. Social sharing and liking builds your brand inside and outside of Facebook, strengthening quality traffic to your corporate site.

4. Platform

Custom apps and plugins are easy to create, launch, and conveniently track with Facebook Analytics. You can also tailor your Google Analytics to display the traffic and goal conversions that you are winning from Facebook as a referral site. With custom apps, you can create experiences anywhere from an exclusive offer to an interactive game that lets customers check out the “cool” aspect of your product that isn’t available on your corporate website.