Google Debuts Brand New +Post Ad Format on the GDN

Google’s new ad format, +Post ads, will allow brands to transform Google+ content into paid display advertising spots. Just announced yesterday, the new +Post ad marks Google’s first step toward monetizing Google+.

Here’s the twist: +Post ads will not run directly on Google+. The social network will remain ad free, while the content itself, including posts, pictures, videos, or Hangouts, will serve across the Google Display Network. As Google Product Manager Eran Arkin shared, “[+Post Ads] lets brand think of the entire web as their social stream.”

Check out the +Post ad demo from Google brand partner Toyota, below:

In addition to providing long-awaited answers to Google+ monetization skeptics, +Post ads will be Google’s best shot at a piece of the lucrative social advertising pie. With U.S. social network ad revenues expected to rake in $5.5 Billion in revenue next year, it’s no wonder Google is getting into the game. Although it’s far too early to tell, Google’s +Post ads may be enough to displace advertising dollars from the likes of Facebook and LinkedIn with one huge advantage: volume. +Post ads will retain valuable social context, such as comments, followers, and common connections, on a network boasting over 2 million websites.

What kind of results can marketers expect?

So far, so good. Google reports “seeing expansion rates 50% higher than the industry average for rich media ads” within its select group of brand partners, including Toyota USA, RITZ, and Cadbury.

What do you think? Will you be carving out a budget for +Post ads in 2014?