How to Prep Google PLAs for Black Friday & Cyber Monday

The Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping frenzy is looming on the horizon. Keep your AdWords campaigns in top shape with the second installment of our holiday SEM checklist: Prep Your Product Listing Ads (PLAs) for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Like the rest of your AdWords account, Google PLAs need to be constantly optimized. These four effective PLA optimization tips will drive more sales:

1. Make Sure Your Product Feed is Complete and Clean.

Your product feed is the blueprint to PLA success. Without the most accurate data in your feed, some products may be ineligible to show in search and Google Shopping. Furthermore, an inaccurate feed will provide a bad shopping experience for potential customers. Double-check for any typos in feed attribute fields and make sure that all information, from shipping costs to pricing, is accurately reflected on your website. For searchers, nothing is more frustrating than clicking an inaccurate product ad.

2. Optimize Product Feed Titles and Descriptions.

The product title and product description fields provide an excellent opportunity to outshine your competitors. With a 70-character limit in the title field, you have to make sure that the most important elements of your product (brand name and product type) are the first 2-3 words in the title. Inserting relevant, high-volume keywords will also help your product ad stand out within the search results.

As for product descriptions, copying and pasting the product description from your website into the feed will not suffice. Although there is plenty of space, longwinded and keyword-stuffed descriptions will result in poor product ad rankings. Instead, write pithy, grammatically correct, and relevant content that will ultimately convince shoppers to purchase from your website. Keep in mind the better your product descriptions, the higher your products will rank within Google Shopping.

3. Search Term Reports are Your PLA Campaign’s Best Friend.

You can reduce wasted ad spend and improve campaign targeting by regularly checking search term reports. Add irrelevant and non-converting search queries from those reports to your PLA campaign’s negative keyword list. Similarly, identify common themes and or terms in converting queries and add them into your product titles and product descriptions – doing so will attract more qualified shoppers.

4. Make Your Site a Google Trusted Store.

Confirm your eCommerce site’s reliable customer service with Google Trusted Stores. The Google Trusted Stores certification showcases customer service, shipping, and return performance via scorecard (see screenshot below). An accompanying “Google Trusted Stores” badge, displayed on all pages of your site, serves as a trust icon to help you increase sales, conversion rate, and stand out against the competition.




If You Optimize, Then Customers Will Come

Double-checking your product feed for discrepancies, optimizing product titles and descriptions, adding negative keywords to your PLA campaign, and setting up a Google Trusted Stores profile will take time out of your busy schedule this week. However, setting aside time to optimize your PLA campaign before the holiday shopping frenzy is an initial investment that will yield great returns for your business. Give it a try and let us know if you need more PLA management tips!