Integrating Your Content Marketing and Social Media Strategies

Content marketing and your social media presence go together like: peanut butter and chocolate. Like Prince William and Duchess Catherine. Like exercise and a healthy diet.

In other words, content and social media are great alone but put them together? Magic happens!!

Both are similar in that their aim is to engage your target audience with the hoped for/planned for goal of appealing directly to them (without hitting them upside the head with blatant sales pitches) so that they’ll buy from you.

Both are different from the other in that social media marketing is based on social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.). Your interaction with your followers also is immediate and direct. Content marketing, on the other hand, is more website-based (offering white papers for download, blog posts, news releases, the very content of your website itself, and so on). Compared to social media, interaction with followers is indirect and may not be immediate.

So what are some best practices in integrating them? Read below for some tips.

  • Obviously the easiest way to integrate the two is to post updates, tweets, etc. that highlight your blogs, news releases, white papers, etc.
  • Social media marketing is all about the “now.” You need to stay current on news and what’s trending – as it’s newsworthy and trending. It does you no good – and can make you look quite behind the times – if you’re posting, tweeting, etc. about things that took place a week or more ago. The older topics can go over well in your content marketing efforts.
  • That said, don’t forget the evergreen. Intel has a great example of content that first becomes available to a visitor on Facebook and then allows the user to access it again and again. Intel’s Museum of Me campaign can be accessed only when the user logs in to his or her Facebook account.  Once a user does so, he or she then moves through a digital “museum” that displays videos, photos, friends, etc. from his or Facebook feed. Intel reports that the “museum” is still getting plenty of hits and views today.
  • Create content that will fit into how your company’s target audience and current customers search for you on their social media feeds. Then post that content across your social media (and don’t forget video – YouTube – and your blog).

In a nutshell, integrating content and social media means getting under the skin of your prospects’ needs, goals, and desires for information. Second, deliver content that solves their problems or answers their needs via multiple channels (social media, news release distribution sites, your company’s blog, video distribution, etc.)

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