LinkedIn Steps Up To the Next Level in Social – #2

The once social media power house, Myspace is beginning its social decline. Myspace used to be the hottest thing on the worldwide web, allowing people to interact with each other on a global level. Facebook followed, becoming a much bigger and unique user-friendly social media website. More adults are becoming more aware of this growing tech world, creating more opportunities
for social media expansion. LinkedIn, an online social network directed towards professionals, has recently surpassed Myspace as the ‘Number 2’ U.S. social network. In a make-or-break kind of industry, LinkedIn has successfully made it.


According to comScore, LinkedIn had an astonishing 33.9 million visitors in the month of June, a half-million person increase from the previous month, while Myspace has experienced a 1.4 million person decrease from May. Myspace still has about 130 million active users, but LinkedIn is gaining traction with roughly 115 million users.

In these difficult economic times, people are looking for easier and more cost-effective ways to expose themselves in the professional, career-oriented world. LinkedIn allows its users to post resumes, find job listings, and share and communicate with professionals within their respective fields.

The effectiveness of LinkedIn has carried itself to the top of the social media world across the globe. What will come next?