Optimizing Landing Pages for the Christmas Shopping Rush

It’s that time of year. The Q4 clock is ticking, and with online sales projected to hit $82 billion this holiday season, it’s more important than ever to include a stellar SEM strategy as part of your marketing mix.

With that hefty chunk of change in mind, let’s focus on another crucial step in AdWords optimizations: landing pages. Like all aspects of your paid search program, landing pages require continuous testing in order to increase sales. Think of your landing page as a virtual lab where every element, from titles to the color scheme, can be tested.

With the Christmas shopping season already in full swing, it’s time to kick your SEM campaign into overdrive. Hit year-end revenue goals with our four essential landing page tips:

1. Headlines must contain search terms.

Incorporating search terms into your headlines is a no-brainer. Headlines are often the first thing people see when they arrive at your landing page after clicking through your ad, so it is imperative to reassure searchers that your landing page contains the service or product they are looking for. For example, if you sell luxury shoes and someone is searching for “black christian louboutin shoes on sale”, then your landing page should have that search term (or a similar variation of that search term, e.g. “Christian Louboutin Shoes”) in the headline.

2. Use a Clear Call to Action (CTA).

It’s not enough to slap a generic “Submit” button on your form-fill anymore. Your CTA should both clearly guide potential customers to the next step of the funnel and stand out from the rest of your landing page (see example below).

If you already have a clear CTA, such as “Add to Cart” or “Get Complimentary Consultation”, then give yourself a pat on the back. To take your CTA to the next level, A/B test new CTAs against your winning variation and see which copy performs better in terms of conversion rate (CVR).


3. Incorporate Trust Icons and Clients Logos Near the CTA Button.

Place trust icons, like a “Better Business Bureau (BBB)” badge or other third-party certifications, near the CTA button to bolster credibility and conversion rate (see example #1 below). Similarly, including client logos (see example #2 below) reassure customer confidence in buying your offerings.

Example #1



Example #2



4. Write Compelling Body Copy.

Stale, boilerplate body copy does not sell, nor does it convince users to buy anything from you. When it comes to writing body copy, provide specific information searchers want. More importantly, write copy that will resonate with customers and ultimately convince them to convert, whether it be signing up for an email newsletter or adding your products to their cart. We like this example from RateUs, a service that helps businesses gauge customer service sentiment:




RateUs includes a clear CTA above the fold and highlights four concise benefits of “getting started” directly below. Failing to optimize the body copy on your landing page is like leaving a beautifully designed house unfurnished – visitors who have arrived will be left disappointed and confused.

Still Debating Change vs. More of the Same?

You can’t afford to leave your landing page as is (especially now that Christmas shopping is well underway). Regardless of current performance, your landing page can and should always be improved. Making little tweaks to your landing page will go a long way towards getting more sales. There are many tools, like Google Analytics, that can help provide feedback about which elements of your landing pages should be optimized first. However, the best way to get feedback about your landing page is from your visitors: they will tell you if your landing page is worthy of their business. Give our tips a try and let us know if you need more landing page optimization tips.

Have yourself a very merry, revenue-filled Christmas!