Google’s Latest Algorithm Update – Panda 3.9

On July 25th, Google released their latest algorithm update – Panda 3.9. With Digital Marketing’s rapid evolution and major Google search algorithm updates rolling out every few months, it’s challenging to stay on top of how these updates may be… Read More →

Will the new Top Level Domains (.coke, etc) change the SEO landscape?

First, Some Context ICANN – the International Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers  (a California based, nonprofit corporation, btw) is the most widely recognized agency responsible for domain name oversight. Currently the agency manages a list of approved Top Level… Read More →

Stay out of digital advertising’s ‘uncanny valley’

In computer graphics and robotics, the term “uncanny valley” describes the phenomenon whereby animated characters like Tom Hanks’ train conductor in The Polar Express look disturbing (even revolting) because they are almost human, but not quite. Something similarly “creepy” can… Read More →

What is the Cost of Not Ranking on Google?

Webmarketing123 CEO Paul Taylor presented this Semiconductor Manufacturer case study at the Inbound Marketing Summit last week.  It lays out, step-by-step, how you can calculate what’s it’s costing your company to cede the top spots in search results to your… Read More →

Euro Zone “Do Not Track” is softened at the 11th hour

As reported today in SearchEngineWatch, the feared draconian requirement that websites provide “Explicit” opt-in for cookies has been softened to an “implicit” consent. Cooler heads must have prevailed… On May 26th, UK was scheduled to roll out a “cookie law”,… Read More →