Everyone is an Advertiser Now

Facebook has long given businesses the opportunity to promote their posts to a broader audience, but the new Promoted Posts feature is a foray into generating revenue directly from everyday users. What intrigues us about this potentially short-lived revenue experiment… Read More →

Why Klout is Essential For Social Media Hires

Klout as a Resume Filter? There has been a lot of debate surrounding Klout this week after Salesforce revealed they are using Klout scores as a factor in their hiring process. TechCrunch’s Community Director Drew Olanoff criticized this move claiming… Read More →

5 Ways to Leverage LinkedIn for B2B Marketers

With its vast store of employee contact information, LinkedIn continues to be the leading social media platform for B2B businesses. Given that over 71% of users have a household income of $50k or higher and 64% use LinkedIn for business… Read More →

Hacking Facebook’s Edgerank: Part 1

Earlier this year, Facebook announced that the average Page post reaches only 16% of fans. This had some marketers wondering if buying into the social media hype was worth the investment. However with Google’s recent Panda 3.9 update and Bing’s… Read More →

Hacking Facebook’s Edgerank: Part 2

Now that we’ve got a handle on Edgerank, you’re probably wondering how this translates to an actionable marketing strategy. Chances are you’ve heard the ‘social engagement’ catchphrase thrown around quite a bit, but are left wondering how to actually achieve… Read More →

Webmarketing123 releases State of Digital Marketing Report 2012

Insights That Can Inform Your 2013 Budgeting Over 500 U.S. marketing professionals— two-thirds B2B, one-third B2C—answered questions about their objectives, results and budgeting for three channels of digital marketing: Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC), and Social… Read More →

Google’s Latest Algorithm Update – Panda 3.9

On July 25th, Google released their latest algorithm update – Panda 3.9. With Digital Marketing’s rapid evolution and major Google search algorithm updates rolling out every few months, it’s challenging to stay on top of how these updates may be… Read More →