SEO Brainteaser: Which has more SEO Value?

A) a 10 Page Website with 5 external links to it, B) a 5 Page Website with 10 external links to it. B) Although you do get SEO value from having more unique pages on your website, all things being… Read More →

The average G+ user is online just 3 min/month

….and the average Facebook user is on 6.75 HOURS/month (thank you, SearchEngineJournal) Here are the stats on monthly usage, from a new comScore report: Facebook: 405 minutes Pinterest/Tumblr: 98 minutes Twitter: 21 minutes LinkedIn: 17 MySpace: 8 Google+: 3 Less… Read More →

SEO Brainteaser of the Month

If you keep clicking on an organic listing, it will start to move to the top position.   True or False? False for Organic Search If this were true, it’s easy to imagine companies paying Indian outsourcers to click on a… Read More →

Handle with Care: Dynamic Keyword Insertion

Proflowers competitors feel jilted by PPC gaff In the past we’ve discussed the benefits and potential dangers of using dynamic keyword insertion (DKI) to easily create robust, relevant ad copy in a scalable fashion. This Valentine’s Day disaster, reported by… Read More →

Top 5 New Google Features That Influenced SEO in 2011

If you want to achieve a higher return on your digital marketing investment, it is important to stay up to date with the latest Google feature updates and releases.  It can mean the difference between driving the best results to… Read More →