Recipe for a Winning Lead Generation Landing Page

When you think about your landing pages, are they user-friendly? Are they simple? Are they eye catching and attractive in presentation? Only your visitor performance can reveal the true answers. The proof is in the numbers. To quality check your… Read More →

Webmarketing123 Reports on 1st Annual State of Digital Marketing

To kick off the start of November, Webmarketing123 is bringing you hot-off-the-press findings in digital.  Recently released to the press, Webmarketing123 has published a digital marketing report spanning across the channels of SEO, PPC, and Social Media Marketing.  Gathering responses… Read More →

Webinar recap- Performing an SEO Health Check

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Webinar recap- Proving the ROI of SEO

Did you know that online users are using search engines about 4 hours per month? That comes down to about a solid hour of search activity each week. Now is the time to make sure your site is being found… Read More →

The End of Facebook Deals

Daily deal sites on the internet have been multiplying exponentially, aided by practically no barriers of entry. But now, small start-ups and major players alike can take a collective sigh of relief. After a 4-month stint in a handful of… Read More →