A Look at SEO Strategy Post Hummingbird

First, there was Panda. Then, there was Penguin. Now, there’s Hummingbird. Google unveiled Hummingbird, the newest addition to the algorithm zoo in September. Hummingbird essentially revamps Google’s search formula to better support conversational search with increased accuracy for long tail… Read More →

Social Media Advertising: Show Me the ROI

Advertising on social media platforms is growing. Nielsen.com in January came out with its Paid and Social Media Advertising Report 2013, stating that three fourths of advertisers surveyed said they advertise on social media. What’s more, 64 percent of advertisers… Read More →

Integrating Your Content Marketing and Social Media Strategies

Content marketing and your social media presence go together like: peanut butter and chocolate. Like Prince William and Duchess Catherine. Like exercise and a healthy diet. In other words, content and social media are great alone but put them together?… Read More →

Getting C-Suite Buy-In for Content Marketing

We’ll be blunt: creating, implementing and managing a great content marketing campaign – one that actually gets results – won’t be fast and it will cost money. Possibly lots of money. Why? Creating content takes planning and time. Creating content… Read More →

7 Evergreen Social Media Best Practices

Managing your company’s social media presence can feel overwhelming at times. Best practices seemingly change overnight. This expert appears to say one thing while the latest hot guru says another. Let Webmarketing123 clear the social clutter for you. Below are… Read More →

Tips for Developing a Keyword Plan

Here’s a mantra we repeat to ourselves again and again when creating keyword plans for our clients: It’s about quality, not quantity. Quality in the type of visitors to a site, not numbers (one million visitors to your site looking… Read More →

6 Proven Strategies for Social Selling

The heart of sales is social interaction. For decades, sales meant treating a client to lunch or golf and paying for their drinks—all while trying to pitch them on why your greaseless widget is better than your competitor’s greaseless widget.… Read More →