Recipe for a Winning Lead Generation Landing Page

When you think about your landing pages, are they user-friendly? Are they simple? Are they eye catching and attractive in presentation? Only your visitor performance can reveal the true answers. The proof is in the numbers.

To quality check your landing page effectiveness to attract and generate more leads for your business, conduct a close audit on each of your pages with these elements at the top of your mind:

1. Relevancy

In an ideal world, your landing pages will only be visited by people looking for your specific product or service offering. With a landing page created with all the right SEO elements, you can make this happen. Your site should match a visitor’s expectations based on their initial search query. To do this, be consistent across your keywords, call-to-action, offering or incentive, and visual engagement. Your landing pages will experience an increase in form fill-outs, a decrease in bounce rate, and an overall increase in visitor engagement to capture more leads and ultimately, sales.

2. Simple conversion path

No one likes to spend valuable time filling out complicated and long forms. So don’t do it on your own landing pages! You will risk form abandonment, customer confusion, and lost opportunity to fully and effectively communicate your value proposition and the offer you are trying to promote.

  • Use simple forms that only ask for the most necessary information
  • Add an automatic cursor in the form fields to increase ease of use
  • Include a snippet of reassurance to encourage visitors to complete the process

3. Clear call-to-action

Don’t allow an opportunity for your prospects to slip through the cracks. Keep your call-to-action focused and direct. You may feel eager to lay out all your offers on the table at once, but a dedicated landing page is not the place to do this. Instead, approach each of your landing pages with one offer and one goal in mind. Your customer will be offered X and to get it, they must click “Download” or “Submit”. It’s as simple as that. From there, you will have a database of wonderful leads you can continue to nurture, cultivate, and grow into loyal customers.

  • Make your call-to-action language and buttons stand out
  • Give your primary objective visual priority
  • Clearly state your value proposition
  • Optimize your lead forms
  • Create content that is resourceful, compelling, and naturally written

4. Trust

The marketplace is competitive and you want to drive as much interest and engagement to your business as possible, before it goes to your competition. To be successful in this, promoting your online credibility and current customer satisfaction are extremely important.¬†Again, do not leave room for any prospect to hesitate when they arrive to your landing page. Instead, your visitor’s attention should be captured immediately and filling out the form should occur within several seconds. Remember, you want to increase conversion rates with your landing pages.

  • Display existing customer praise (testimonials) in strategic placements – typically at the top of the page or in the sidebar to avoid distraction from the main call-to-action
  • Add a visual quality of trust – a customer’s face can make a nice personal touch
  • Encourage eye capture


5. Data analysis

At the end of the day, the purpose of your landing pages is to bring in new customers and revenue for your business. Therefore, it is imperative to actively monitor and test how your landing pages are performing. By measuring your conversion funnel for each of your product offerings, you can identify where people are dropping off, distinguish the cause leading to the abandonment, and put a strategy in place to repair the leak in your sales funnel.


For example, you may find that your prospects are leaping off the page because your form is too long or it is asking for more information than your visitors are willing to provide at this stage. Once you make this determination, you will be able to modify the form and the track how well performance improves.

By following each step in this recipe, you will create landing pages that are effective, actionable, and geared exactly towards your business goals.

If you would like to explore further advice and guidance to optimize your company’s landing pages, reach out to us for a free, custom¬†digital marketing analysis. We will be happy to help.