SEO Today: Which is more beneficial to SEO – quality or quantity of links?

Which is more beneficial to SEO, quality of links or quantity of links?  This question can be debated by many people, but when it comes down to it- there is only one right answer. Quality over quantity.

So what exactly makes for a good, quality link?  Well, say for instance the company implementing SEO sells sports equipment.  The ideal sources for placing inbound links would be on a sports forum or in the sports section of an online press release.  Through this approach, the links are placed on relevant pages attracting the right type of individuals and traffic to the company site.

Now, if this same company chooses to post a large number of links anywhere and everywhere regardless of the inbound site being relevant or not, this is where we run into a problem.  Who wants to see a link to sports equipment when shopping for prom dresses or replacement car parts? Doesn’t make much sense, does it?  Not only will this company have wasted time posting the link, but more importantly they will have subjected themselves to irrelevant traffic to their site, ultimately hurting their campaign more than helping it.


In addition, building an extensive amount of links in a short amount of time will surface serious repercussions from Google.  If the company selling sports equipment posts a large amount of links on various irrelevant sites in order to boost their rankings in Google, Google’s finely-tuned algorithm will certainly take notice and serve up a red flag. This company could potentially be subject to a significant fall in ranking or be removed from Google’s search results entirely for a specific amount of time.

All in all, for the best outcome when implementing SEO, quality of links triumphs quantity of links any day of the week.  While it might be nice to have extended exposure by posting links to your site everywhere, making sure the links are appropriate and relevant to your site are the “make or break” factors when it comes to running a successful SEO linking campaign.