Social Media Expansion: Facebook and Skype Create A Strategic Bond

This past week, Facebook has proudly taken the stage to announce new features its 750 million users may encounter in the months to come. Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Facebook, stated that Facebook is now the “infrastructure” of the web, and that this social hangout has reached its goal – becoming the top social networking website in the world.

For Facebook to maintain this high stature of success, Zuckerberg points out the need for a “third-party”. With all the tech talk surrounding the newest kid on the block- Google+, Facebook is constantly looking for ways to one-up its biggest web competitor.

Google+ has introduced the “hangouts” feature, which allows users to conduct video chats with up to 10 people at once. Facebook has teamed up with Skype, the free internet calling service, to create a unique and specialized video calling feature for Facebook users.


Mark Zuckerberg stresses the importance for third party expansion. Netflix was mentioned for possibly integrating its movie and television services with Facebook. Also, the music website, Spotify, is working on a future Facebook application. Don’t be surprised when other top innovative service companies in the digital industry look to hop on the social networking bandwagon.

Facebook is keeping a close eye on its opponent who has turned social, as it already has blocked a Google+ tool from allowing people to import their Facebook contacts.

The game is definitely on and sides are being taken. Incentives, money, partnerships…how will this social networking and digital dominance race progress in the years to come? Industry trends and user behavior will be strong determining factors.