The average G+ user is online just 3 min/month


….and the average Facebook user is on 6.75 HOURS/month (thank you, SearchEngineJournal)

Here are the stats on monthly usage, from a new comScore report:

Facebook: 405 minutes
Pinterest/Tumblr: 98 minutes
Twitter: 21 minutes
LinkedIn: 17
MySpace: 8
Google+: 3

Less than MySpace?  Left in the dust by upstart Pinterest?

Companies we talk to continue to put G+ in the “wait and see” bucket, if not the trash can.

Hold the phone.  Google+ VP Bradley Horowitz touts Google’s commitment to providing a social layer to search, and goes on to claim ”We’re growing by every metric we care about” (Wall Street Journal). Blowing smoke?  You can bet they’re busily iterating behind the scenes with Google Plus Your World and the continuing “Plus-ification” of the Googleverse.  But what are those metrics that they care about?

Follow the Ad dollars…

Techcrunch’s Josh Costine makes a good argument that the real purpose of G+ is to pull our biographical data into our profile to improve ad targeting across the Google properties.  Time and corporate earnings reports will tell…

Note: These engagement numbers above do not include mobile and client services (Hootsuite, etc), so the Facebook and Twitter figures should be quite a bit higher.