Tips for Better Status Updates for Your Business’ Facebook Page

So, you have a Facebook page, but now you’re wondering what to do with it. The first step in developing a strategy is testing. Test – and test some more – to find what works for your business and your audience. What works best for you is by far the best “hear it from a guru” advice we could possibly give you.

Yet there are some universal best practices when it comes to posting to your business’ Facebook page (known as “status updates” in Facebook-speak). Here are a few:


Less is More

“Less is more” truly is best. Keep your status updates short and to the point. Updates between 200-250 characters are optimal. Why? Because attention spans in general are shorter (and growing more so). Plus, more than 25 percent of those who visit Facebook daily are doing so via their mobile device (from a January 31 CNN.com report). That number will only grow.


Schedule Your Updates

Schedule your updates when most of your target audience is likely to see them. As mentioned above, test different update posting times to see which times are optimal. (Tip: If you’re a B2B company, posting during normal work hours more than likely is wise.) You can use scheduling software or apps to schedule posts.


Photos & Videos

Photos and video are your friends. We’re sure you’ve seen them: businesses who post lots of great updates but without photos. Boring!!! Adding photos and videos make it more likely that your audience will share your posts with their followers and comment on/like them.


Fill in the Blanks

As your followers grow, consider offering updates that ask them to “fill in the blank.” For example, let’s say you’re an ophthalmologist who provides Lasik. You could post an update that asks “The day I received my Lasik surgery changed my life because­­­­­ ______.” This will help your followers actually comment on your update.


Use Social Listening Tools

Use social listening tools to keep tabs on breaking news and conversations surrounding your services and products. For instance, the Lasik surgeon could mention when a celebrity has the procedure. On the other hand, when the news covers a less than flattering subject relevant to your industry, don’t be afraid to approach this as an educational opportunity for your community. Position yourself as a thought leader and offer resources that cover how to decide if Lasik is the best option for an individual.


Ask Questions

Ask questions about your product or service and then solicit feedback from your followers.


Offer Answers

If possible, offer short (remember the 200-250 character update rule) answers to common FAQs you receive.


“Did You Know?” Updates

“Did you know?” updates. Trivia updates. “On this day in history” updates. All are good, particularly if you have industry-specific historical dates (and every industry and sub-industry has them), because they make fun and potentially interactive updates.

A business Facebook page no longer is an option: it’s become a requirement if you want your business to grow. You should take its management as seriously as you do any other of your marketing efforts. For more tips and help on managing your Facebook page, contact Webmarketing123. We look forward to hearing from you.