Webinar recap: 3 ‘Must Haves’ For Strengthening Your Paid Search Program

Good afternoon digital marketers!

Thank you for attending our paid search webinar today. If you missed today’s session, you can catch the presentation slides in our archived webinar section of our site. You can also tune in next Thursday, August 4th as we will be holding this paid search session a second time. At our weekly Wednesday time next week – August 3rd, we will be holding an SEO-centered webcast- 7 New Tips for Effective Online Lead Gen. Sign up today!

Now, for a recap on a few top SEM takeaways that you should bring back to your organization today.

Q: What are negatives?

A: Negatives are keywords that you can purposefully block from your ad. For example, if you are a company that sells athletic shoes, you will want to block keywords that are not relevant to exactly what you sell and the conversions you are trying to target.  You will not want your ad to be served if someone searches for ‘athletic clothes’. You only sell shoes, so these search queries aren’t relevant to your conversion funnel. A key element of paid search is navigating your budget in the most effective and efficient way. If you don’t participate in negative keyword campaigns, your ads will be served to queries that are irrelevant and can end up costing a bulk of your budget. This is an important area where close campaign monitoring, analysis, and smart on-the-fly updates and changes need to be exercised.

Q: What is the recommended cookie duration for retargeting?

A: It depends on your sales cycle and what you are selling. Typically, the sales cycle is longer for higher priced services or products. You must be careful when treading the thin line between bombarding your potential consumers and presenting personalized messages that truly strike a cord to prompt them to engage. Here is a scenario- if you are retargeting a prospect who is interested in buying a car vs. a toaster, the sales cycle will be longer for the car. This is a large purchase that isn’t typically closed within a couple days. You will want your retargeting strategy to be more subtle with the car prospect, giving the person the needed time to do research and then make a strong incentive-driven punch to get the sale. For the toaster prospect, this is where you need to retarget on a shorter timeline because you know the person will most likely make the purchase within hours. That is why you want to fuel your retargeting force early on and in a unique, impressionable way. If someone needs a toaster, they aren’t going to vacillate for much time.

Q: Do I need to focus on other search engines other than Google?

A: Yes! As you can see, Yahoo! and Bing attract 5 billion searches per month (as reported by Comscore in June).  Microsoft is a big player in search as Yahoo! and Bing are both integrated together in Microsoft’s adCenter for paid search campaign management. For optimal search engine marketing performance and return on your investment, partner with a digital expert team who will create a fully encompassing strategy across all the power-player search engines. At the end of the day, don’t you want your ads to live where your consumers are hanging out?


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