Webinar recap: 3 Secrets to Successful Retargeting

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Let’s delve into a few elements of retargeting that we discussed yesterday that will empower your current search marketing program.


Q: What is retargeting?

A: Retargeting is the strategy to reach users who have already visited your website but haven’t completed the full journey through your sales funnel. What do you do from here? You want to target these users based on their interests and approach them with meaningful, relevant incentives that will encourage a revisit. The end goal is to provoke these visitors to follow through in your call-to-action path.

Q: What is the difference between Retargeting and Remarketing?

A: Google’s retargeting program is called Remarketing. You can activate your retargeting campaigns within the AdWords platform.


Q: How do you get started?

A: First, you will want to segment your audience so that you can direct the right strategy to each behavioral group. In your AdWords campaigns, you can target users in the Google Display Network (GDN) with upsell offers to those who have visited multiple pages of your site , discount promotions to those who have already purchased, and reminders to those who have shopped but have yet to check out. Proper audience segmentation is imperative to create a strong foundation for a successful retargeting program.



Q: What is pixel tagging?

A: Pixel tagging is the process of earmarking your segments as you execute retargeting strategy for your different audience groups. Pixel tagging needs to be in place before launch. Google does require that you build an audience of 500 users before you can launch your retargeting campaigns. The good news is that you can combine users from all of your tags to build a single audience to meet the 500 user minimum. Then, you can get your remarketing ball rolling!

Q: How long should you track your audience?

A: When considering your cookie durations, always reflect back to your business type and specific product you are selling. You want to capitalize on your potential client’s interests to better match the buying cycle. For B2C advertisers, a shorter timeline is usually best (1-4 weeks). For B2B advertisers, it may be more optimal to set the cookie for a longer period (1-6 months).


Q: How do you customize your ads to serve the different audiences?

A: Build your ads based on the tips below to best serve each segment. Take into consideration your value proposition and how it relates to each particular audience. How can you help them and what can you offer that fits their needs? Why is your product better than another that they may be interested in? Carefully tailored ads that approach your target audiences in the right way, can make or break your retargeting success.



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