Webinar recap: 3 Steps to Supercharge Your SEO with Facebook and Twitter

Great webinar session today folks! Let’s highlight some of your top questions on our hot topic: How to Supercharge Your SEO with Facebook and Twitter.

Q: What are the best social media measurement tools to use?

A: Radian6 and Lithium are great social monitoring and engagement tools to measure your impact on Facebook and Twitter. They are social CRM solutions that are especially helpful for providing advanced metrics, much like Google Analytics and Salesforce, for your social campaigns. You can also utilize your Google Analytics to segment your social traffic by analyzing your referral site activity. If you are looking for cost-effective, user-friendly social campaign tools, choose Wildfire app to guide you through creating campaigns and monitoring them through their Analytics-style monitoring software.


Q: Do you need to be on Google+ in order to use Google +1?

A: Whew, no you don’t! You only need to have a Google account in order to utilize the +1 button. It is also easy to add to your own site. Simply visit Google’s webmaster tools and grab the code to implement on the pages you would like to see the +1 button. We recommend to place it in the same places you would place your “Tweet” or “Like” or other social sharing buttons – near blog postings, articles, press releases, and areas you want your users to take notice and share with others.


Q: What does crawl-ability mean?

A: Great question. ‘Crawl-ability’ refers to the level your site is optimized for Google spiders. This means making your site search engine appealing by employing the various SEO elements to allow a clear path and story for Google spiders to crawl, understand, and index. If you think of it like making your book easy to categorize and index in a library so the people who are looking for the exact information that it holds will be able to be directed to it- then you have made you site spectacular in terms of crawl-ability. Follow these 5 SEO keys: Keywords, Content, Meta-content, URLs, and Links. To learn more from our experts, feel free to contact us for a free site analysis- seo@webmarketing123.com and we will guide you on the path to increase your exposure and ‘crawl-ability’ on Google.


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