Webinar Recap: 4 Advanced Tactics for Your SEO Strategy

Thank you for joining our webinar today! As the 4th of July long weekend approaches, I’d like to highlight a few key questions and helpful answers from today’s session to start your SEO off right this summer.

Q: How do you create an effective keyword basket?

A: Start with the Google Keyword Tool to pinpoint competitive keywords and popular search terms that pertain to your industry.

Then, check out what your competitors are doing by viewing their page titles and title tags.

Next, you can simply type your industry into the Google search query and see what key terms come up. Under “More” on the left-hand navigation, you can select “Discussions” and see what main words and phrases show up for your industry. You can also easily sort discussions by date to find the latest trends. The keywords that you identify here are likely going to be good to add to your basket. The key is to choose terms that aren’t too broad, but not too exact either. A combination of long tail and short tail keywords are best to optimize in your content, URLs, meta description, and page titles.

Here is an example of how you could approach searching Google for good keywords in the automotive industry:


Search “Latest” news so that you can see which keywords are being used in your current industry news. The most effective keywords are going to be the ones that people are actively punching into their search queries. This is one reason why it is important to keep on top of your SEO strategy since trends and new developments in your industry can slightly shift focus towards higher-performing keywords and phrases.

Q: What is the right keyword density?

A: A general best practice is to optimize 3-5 keywords per page (300-500 words of text). Please keep in mind that this is dependent on the subject and the type of content being generated. Remember to utilize keywords in your anchor text too. Links that compose a keyword help direct the spiders to learn the all-encompassing theme of your site. Internal linking on keywords is a good SEO practice.

Q: In aligning keywords with terms searchers are using, is it better to find a niche market or grab a hold of popular search terms?

A: The key is to definitely find a good mix of both. Going for the niche market and using long tail keywords will help you see quicker results and also enable you to start gaining traction for the broader terms contained in the longer keywords. 

Join us again next time for our webinar on July 6th, The Do’s and Don’ts About SEO Lead Generation.