Webinar recap- 4 Reasons Your CEO Needs to Know About SEO in 2012

Hello marketers,

Thank you for joining our webinar today. In this recap, I will highlight a few of the key points covered that your CEO should know for future business plans. To increase ROI, it is critical to engage in SEO and focus on building your brand online.



Tip #1: SEO is important to your business success.

SEO benefits every type of business whether small, mid-sized, or a large corporation. More people are using the internet today to research, shop, buy, share, and communicate than in previous times. Analyzing your website’s performance and staying on top of the latest trends in search behavior can mean the difference between meeting your quarterly revenue goals and not.

If you are not ranking on Page 1 of Google, you are missing out on revenue that is going to your competition. Therefore, the way you position your website and the effort you dedicate to increasing your brand’s visibility online will have direct impact on your bottom line.

Tip #2: SEO needs to be customized for your industry.

Online ad spending is on the rise. According to Webmarketing123’s 2011 Digital Marketing Report, website traffic is the common denominator of success across both B2B and B2C digital media campaigns with SEO making the biggest impact on lead generation goals. By evaluating current trends and search behavior within your industry, you can start to incorporate stronger performing keywords to bring qualified leads directly to your site.

Keep the 5 Pillars for a successful SEO campaign in mind:

1. Keywords

2. Content

3. Meta Content

4. URLs

5. Links (Internal & Inbound)


Tip #3: Continually evaluate your online presence.

Keywords are critical to your SEO campaign. If you aren’t optimizing the right ones or best ones for your business, you are missing out on a large portion of market share.

1. Use generic and long-tail terms

2. Do not focus solely on search volume

3. Google your proposed search terms to see if the sites ranking on Page 1 are relevant to your business

4. Look at search trends for your proposed keywords

5. Expand on your keywords by finding variations


Tip #4: Measure ROI and customer engagement.

Website analytics programs are being used enterprise-wide. In 2012, Search is expected to expand in web and mobile use and in marketers’ budgets. As a marketer and a leader of your business, you want to stay ahead of the curve. Not only does this require time and resources, but also keen attention to analytics measurements and conversion goals. Now, you can measure and attribute traffic and visitor behavior to lead generation and closed sales. Rely on your analytics to guide decision-making in both on-page and off-page optimization.

1. Begin optimizing now to get ahead of competitors – don’t delay!

2. Invest in the time and resources to grow your online visibility.

3. Engage in SEO as a cost-effective, revenue-generating platform to grow your business, meet sales goals, and exceed ROI.


As the new year jumps into action, get your SEO program off the ground with our best tips and strategies for 2012. Join us on January 18th to Get Your SEO Machine Into Shape: Beginner’s Guide for Conversion Success in Q1.