Webinar recap: 4 Secrets to SEO Copywriting Done Right

Many thanks for participating so actively in our webinar today! A plethora of questions rolled in during the session. Here, I am highlighting a few to share with you.

Q: What is A/B testing?

A: You can use A/B testing to better understand visitors’ priorities and measure the engagement factor on certain call-to-action buttons, form-fill-outs, and visitor time duration on a page. A/B testing is extremely helpful for choosing optimal page titles and headlines on your site. During your testing phase, you can measure eye tracking and visitor response. As a good rule of thumb, it is best to place your keywords at the start of your page titles or headlines if possible. It is the first place Google spiders spot, and where visitors’ eyes are drawn to start reading.

Factors to keep in mind for A/B Testing:

1. Color

2. Size

3. Proportion of images to words on a page (readers tend to be attracted to more visual stimuli)

4. CSS styling

5. Page layout and user experience


Q: Why does your ranking change?

A: Your ranking placement on the search engine results page can alter due to the following:

1. How often the Google spiders are crawling your site, especially compared to your competitors

2. How often you refresh or create new content and links

3. How strongly your competitors are updating their content, optimizing their keywords, and being recognized by Google


Q: What is SEO-ready content?

A: SEO-ready content is comprised of a methodical focus on 3-5 keywords per page. The keywords should be integrated in a naturally-written way that doesn’t seem forcedPart of SEO-readiness is also updating your content on a regular basis through blogs, whitepapers, eBooks, and other content-oriented changes and additions to your site. The more quality content you have available to extend to your viewers, the better it will be for your search engine ranking, your lead generation, and the growth of your business.

Join us next time for a Paid Search webinar session: 3 ‘Must Haves’ For Strengthening Your Paid Search Program.