Webinar recap: 5 PPC Landing Page Conversion Killers

Thank you for joining our webinar session this morning. Please find a few key pointers below to take back to your business to fuel your landing page success.

Q: How can you capture your visitor’s eyes?

A: Encourage your visitors to connect with the ad creative. Strategically use hero images to draw engagement and lead attention to your call-to-action. People are drawn to look where others are looking. This human behavior plays a large role in the conversion success of your visual ads.


Q: How can you provide a sense of credibility in an easy, non-distracting way?

A: Place customer testimonials on your landing page. People love to see why others love your product. You want your audience to view the testimonials, but you also don’t want to distract from your conversion incentive. Therefore, it is best practice to place your testimonials either at the very top of your page in a subtle manner, or in a side-bar. This is a good way to complement the credibility of your site and the value behind your product.

Q: What is a point-of-assurance?

A: A point-of-assurance is a security logo or trademark sign that reinforces the fact that your site is safe and protected for your customer’s activity. It is a perfect element to include in your call-to-action path to lead your visitor through a sustainable conversion funnel. A point-of-assurance captures trust and when paired with a discount offer and eye-catching buttons, the chances for conversion are increased significantly.



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