Webinar recap: 7 New Tips for Effective Online Lead Gen

Thank you for joining our webinar today. To increase your lead gen activity and boost sales, there are many elements that impact your online audience. Let’s take a look at a few.

#1 : Measure and analyze your conversion funnel

1. Where are your customers abandoning their cart?

2. Where did they go?

3. What are the ‘hold-ups’ that visitors may be experiencing in your funnel?

4. How can you improve the purchase experience and increase conversions?

5. Explore the competitor sites that your abandoning customers may be going to.

6. Investigate what your competitors are doing right and work to modify or refresh your approach.


#2 : Test ad creative

1. Use A/B testing to test headlines, page titles, call-to-action text.

2. In your paid search ads, sometimes general ad copy works best.

3. Segment your audience to test which creative draws the most conversions.

4. Investigate how geo-targeting performs with your customer base and tailor your campaign offerings accordingly.


#3 : Attend to your Return on Engagement

1. ROE is the new ROI for social media

2. Your brand engagement factor is correlated to your revenue and sales generation.

3. Stay in step with social media developments to create new content, build quality followers, and fine tune your messaging across all channels.


Join us next week forĀ 3 Secrets to Successful Retargeting.