Webinar recap – How to Grow Followers and Convert Leads on Twitter

Thanks for joining our webinar session today on “How to Grow Followers and Convert Leads on Twitter”. Tweet, reweet, reply, and mention. To effectively promote your brand and build a quality following on Twitter, it is important to create a strategy for sending tweets, replying to your followers, and keeping an eye on your competitors. Let’s take a dive into some best practices strategies that we discussed earlier today that you can take back to your business.


Q: How should you learn from your competitors?

A: Take a look at your competitors’ followers.  A good strategy to build your followship is to follow in order to prompt a follow back. 1 out of every 4 people you follow, is likely to follow you. Therefore, it is probable that if a customer or prospect is following one of your competitors, that person will come to follow you as well.  The goal is to continue to build your following each day.  Continue to stay active to promote your brand, interact with your community, and cultivate a strong customer service presence.


Q: How many times a day should I tweet?

A: A consistent tweeting frequency is recommended.  Typically sending out a tweet 2-5 times a day is optimal.  With free scheduling tools like Seesmic andCoTweet, you can schedule tweets in advance and strategically space out your pings in order to reach your followers at different times of the day.  Try to vary your tweet content to include 2 tweets about company news, 1 tweet that is thought-leadership oriented, and 2 that are industry-related.  Your tweets that reflect current developments or events in the industry can be retweets of other thought-leaders in the field.  This demonstrates your credibility in and the fact that you are staying on top of the latest industry developments and trends.  People like this and will follow you if they see your activity each day which is relevant to their interests.


Q: What tools can I use to track clicks and leads?

A: TweetStats is a helpful measurement tool that allows you to track your follower growth on a daily, monthly, or annual basis.  You can track your tweet numbers, retweets, and mentions across particular spans of time.  You probably already use bit.ly as a URL shortener, but it is also helpful to measure the volume of clicks that each of your tweets attracts.  This can serve as a useful way to determine which content is engaging more followers and allow you to form a tighter strategy for reaching these customers, improving your brand exposure, and promoting conversion activity on your site.


Join us in our upcoming webinar tomorrow: 6 PPC Metrics You Need to Master For Success. We look forward to seeing you next time and sharing more tips and tactics for a better performing digital marketing strategy.