Webinar recap- New Google Analytics Updates: What Every Marketer Needs to Know

What level of expertise do you have with Google Analytics? Would you consider yourself Beginner, Mid-level, or Advanced?

At any of these levels, there are important new features and updates available to you within Google Analytics that will benefit your business and grow your sales opportunity. Now is the time to get acquainted with the new Google features that will empower your analytics tracking and conversion measurements.

Flow Visualization Tool

This tool provides a quick snapshot that allows you to analyze data on your site in a graphical representation:

  • Visitors Flow
    • Instantly understand how visitors flow across your site by traffic source (or any other dimension you choose to measure)
    • See where users drop off your site
  • Goal Flow
    • View the flow through your goal steps
    • See where users drop off your goal path

This data representation allows you to understand:

  • The relative volume of visits to the site by the dimensions you chose to measure
  • The rate at which visitors abandon pathways
  • Where and how visitors navigate each of the steps you defined
  • How visitors interacted with your site

Why it’s important: Provides quick, advanced data on your goal funnels for optimizing your website traffic.


Real-Time Analytics

This tool enables marketers to view visitor behavior as they use and interact with your site.

Why it’s important: Allows for quick lead or sales follow-up to those who may drop off your site and provides beneficial insight on the performance of your site page by page and action on your specific offerings.


Site speed reports

This tool allows you to view the average load time page by page of your site.

Why it’s important: Slow landing pages will influence your Adwords Quality Score and your organic rankings. Combat a low site speed by analyzing your load time and making sure your website is running appropriately on the technical side


Multi-Channel Funnels

This tool displays the media channels customers interacted with during the 30 days prior to converting or purchasing your product.

This data displays clicks such as:

  • PPC ads
  • Display ads
  • Organic
  • Affiliates
  • Social networks

Why it’s important: Enables you to see which channels initiate, assist, and complete conversions. You can perform attribution analysis based on complete conversion path data with this easy, out-of-the-box reporting.

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