Webinar recap – Why Your PPC Quality Score is Important and How You Can Improve It

Why is Quality Score (QS) important and how can you optimize it in the right way? If you attended Webmarketing123’s webinar today, hopefully you have taken away several helpful tips for your company’s PPC program. In this session’s recap, let’s take a look at a few highlights from the presentation and audience questions.



Q: Can you increase your QS by increasing your bids?

A: If I increase my bids, my ad rank will improve. Then, my cost-per-click (CPC) will improve. Is this how it works? Unfortunately, it is not that easy. This is actually an artificial way to try to trick Google into assigning you a higher QS. Google is a smart cookie and can recognize this type of strategic “work-around”. Google normalizes your rank based on your historical data, taking into consideration your click-through rate (CTR), keyword performance, and bidding to determine your QS.


Q: If you have a brand new campaign, how is your QS determined before your ad is in the auction?

A: Google keeps a record of all ad performance that has been run on your domain. Google will tie your past performance data together so that you will inherit the performance level of that old account. If you are completely new on the scene, Google will look at the historical performance of the keywords you are bidding on and will assign that average to your account. When Google uses these fall-back data sources, it is only to get you started. Once you build up your click-through history, Google will assign your QS based on your new data.


Q: What is Visible vs. Internal QS?

A: Visible QS is an integer between 1-10 displayed in AdWords. Internal QS is what is actually used by Google to determine your QS and there is little public information about this. Visible QS is only calculated from queries which precisely match the specific keyword being measured.


Q: Should you consider other PPC metrics that are as important as QS?

A: Yes! QS is important but it is only one metric of many that you should monitor and manage on an ongoing basis. For example, don’t pause or delete keywords with low QS. These may actually generate strong lead flow and revenue for your business! This is a common mistake you want to avoid.


Q: How can you improve your QS with ad copy?

A: Ensure that your ad copy is relevant to your keywords and user query. By improving your ad’s relevancy with your target audience, you will naturally boost CTR. You should continually optimize and test your copy through a systematic plan. Where should you start? We recommend to begin with a high volume of your ad groups or trouble areas. After analyzing these metrics, you may want to consider pausing ads with a CTR of 50% lower than average.


Q: How can Dynamic keyword insertion (DKI) improve your QS?

DKI is a feature in AdWords that allows you to take a keyword and automatically insert it into your ad copy. The fact that your ad is speaking directly to your searcher’s query with DKI makes your ad increasingly more effective. Having the ability to make your ad relevant to specific queries will increase your CTR and in turn, boost your QS.


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