Why B2B Brands Should Embrace Mobile Marketing – Now

Mobile surpassed PC Internet usage for the very first time this year.


Image Source: Search Engine Watch

As there are 5 billion mobile devices worldwide compared to 2 billion PCs, we can safely assume this trend will continue.

However, despite all the evidence in support of mobile marketing and mobile search, nearly 84% of marketers still lack a mobile strategy.

What gives? Two major mobile myths are holding marketers back.

Myth 1: Mobile marketing is only just for B2Cs.

It’s a common misconception for B2B marketers to assume mobile marketing is a “B2C thing.” After all, how many people research business products outside of work and on the go?

The answer: A lot.

B2B decision makers are leading mobile adoption. In the IDG Global Mobile Survey, 77% of executives research products or services for business on mobile, while 86% do the same on a tablet.

If you’re focused on B2B lead gen and your site does not render on mobile, that’s a significant missed opportunity.

Myth 2: Mobile does not convert leads or drive sales.

Up until the release of Google’s Estimated Total Conversions last fall, marketers had little insight into mobile’s role in the sales cycle. Sure, a great mobile experience drives traffic and reduces bounce rate, but should we care enough to invest if it doesn’t convert?

Now that Google’s Estimated Total Conversions has shed some light into cross-device buyer behavior, marketers have gained invaluable insight on the effects of mobile marketing.

We now know mobile is an extremely powerful purchase influencer rather than a closer. This made it extremely difficult to capture the value of mobile for marketers without a multi-touch attribution reporting system.  Mobile tends to kick off the path to purchase, but the buyer will ultimately convert in-store or across multiple devices.

The Google Mobile Path to Purchase study supports this trend: 93% of people who use mobile to research go on to make a purchase, but 82% of those users purchase in-store while 45% purchase on a desktop or tablet. Only 17% convert directly on a mobile phone.

Given 65% of all searches begin on mobile, mobile is clearly a top-of-the-funnel influencer brands cannot afford to ignore.

Get the tools you need to launch mobile this quarter.

For the modern marketer, the question should be how to invest in mobile rather than if. Take advantage of this gap in mobile proficiency and get ahead of the curve now.

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