You’re Running Your PPC Campaign Wrong: Tips for Doing It Right

You’ve done thorough research on the keywords your target market uses to search for your products or services. You’ve begun your pay-per-click (PPC) campaign with high hopes – and even with a bit of smugness because you researched, researched and researched some more the specific keywords your target market uses to find your product/services. What could possibly go wrong, right?!

But you find that your PPC budget is draining fast with little to show for it in the way of new business. To put it bluntly: you’re getting zilch when it comes to your PPC return on investment!

What – oh, what! – could have gone wrong?

Some ideas:

  • Is your landing page and the PPC ad connected? That is, does your visitor know that the page he’s just come to has the information he seeks? For example, if your PPC ad has the keyword phrase “affordable wood laminate flooring” you’d better make sure your landing page contains the keyword “affordable wood laminate flooring” in a prominent location.
  • Do you ship to Europe? If not, then why is your PPC ad appearing in European search results pages? Check in your campaign’s control panel to see where ads are appearing. You can save a ton of wasted ad dollars as a result.
  • Can you provide services or sales 24 hours a day? (This could be easy if you have an automated fulfillment process.) But if not, it’s wise to schedule your ads to appear during the hours your target market is apt to look and buy your product/service.
  • How much money are you bidding for each ad? Maybe it’s too much? Maybe it’s not. You should find out: test your results at lower bid prices. Track the results.
  • Don’t forget “negative” keywords. For example, let’s say you sell eye glasses and so you naturally don’t want to attract people who are looking for wine glasses or martini glasses. Input “wine” and “martini” as negative keywords.
  • How long-tail are your keywords? This is so important, yet too many PPC DIYers neglect this. A landscaper in Baltimore will get a ton of clicks for the keyword landscaper, but unless the folks who are clicking are in Baltimore, you’re wasting your money. So “affordable eco landscapes Baltimore” has a much greater chance of attracting people who a) live in Baltimore, b) are price conscious and c) are interested in “green” or sustainable landscaping.
  • Check where your ads are “landing.” If they’re turning up in position seven (7) or lower, no one is seeing your ad. You’re not paying for clicks, of course, but you’re not getting any clicks – and visitors – either.
  • We see this happen all the time: you focus too much on the inexpensive keywords (that still bring you traffic), and ignore the keywords that actually work (as in, they lead to people actually buying from you). Your PPC analytics are your friend. Study which keywords bring you customers. Converting keywords may – or may not – be more expensive. But those are the keywords that work. Ignore them at your campaign’s peril.

PPC looks as if it’s not that hard. And it’s not. Not really. But it’s not simple. It takes real study and work to create a PPC campaign that actually brings you customers. Do you really have the time to study PPC and create a great campaign? Do you really?

PPC is what we know – and we know it very well! Contact Webmarketing123 today to learn how we can create a PPC campaign that actually works for you!