Search optimized website redesign delivers 118% YoY leap in organic lead generation.

Esker is a pioneer in SaaS document automation, helping over 11,000 customers enhance process efficiency worldwide.

Esker faced the difficult task of merging five distinct product offerings, each with it’s own microsite, into one cohesive online brand.

Five microsites presented a confusing setup for the end-user, and essentially cannibalized Esker’s brand as a whole in search results. Esker needed to resolve the situation in short order to meet ambitious internal lead generation goals.

First, our team set out to integrate the five product microsites into one central, corporate website. With this website redesign, we aimed not only to improve the overall aesthetics and user interface, but to also achieve an SEO-friendly site structure that would deliver link equity to one central domain:

After the site migration and redesign, we focused our efforts to overhaul on-page optimization for the new This included a major keyword mapping update and expansion along with URL and meta data optimization to drive more qualified organic traffic to high priority pages.


Our efforts produced remarkable YoY improvements, yielding:

a 29% increase in organic traffic
118% lift in organic lead conversions

“DemandWave played a critical role in the success of our website redesign. We’re thrilled to have their team onboard to guide our organic search lead generation strategy.”

– Kasey Smitz,
  Esker Sr. Marketing Manager