HelpSystems SEO partnership resulted in a 109% increase in organic lead generation.

HelpSystems provides IT software for more than 9,000 organizations worldwide who look to simplify system and network management, secure data, and give people simple access to information they need.

Skybot is one of HelpSystems fast-growing software solutions. Until 2014, its web presence was separate from the HelpSystems parent site. New strategies required the HelpSystems team to strike a difficult balance: Maximizing brand visibility for continued sales success while effectively repositioning Skybot as a part of the HelpSystems umbrella.

After the Skybot site was migrated to, organic traffic dipped. The HelpSystems marketing team needed to find a way to not only recover and give web visitors the information they craved, but to exceed previous performance to meet ambitious lead and sales targets.

Our team set out to revitalize Skybot’s organic traffic, search rankings, and lead generation for HelpSystems. The plan included navigation modifications to the site and developing an SEO-friendly content strategy to maximize search visibility for high impact pages.


Skybot’s organic search performance improved significantly in short order. The navigation restructure and content marketing reboot put Skybot back in the game with:

17% improvement in bounce rate
32% increase in organic traffic
109% increase in organic lead conversion month-over-month.

“We’re thrilled to have DemandWave as our SEO partner. Their team has been an instrumental part of Skybot’s inbound marketing strategy.”

-Taylor Hoehn,
Associate Marketing Director, HelpSystems