The B2B buyer's journey still starts with a search engine.

When it comes to digital marketing, SEO is admittedly an oldie, but a goodie. Despite the proliferation of articles proclaiming the death of SEO, organic search is very much alive and kicking. New revelations in marketing tech may get all the buzz, but 71% of business purchase decisions start with a search engine. In fact, in our 2017 State of B2B Digital Marketing Report, SEO tied email as the top revenue-driving channel for the first time ever.

And yet, despite the channel’s longevity, organic search remains a unique challenge for B2B marketers. Why? There are several factors at play. First, Google’s algorithm is constantly evolving, which means marketers are scrambling to keep up. Second, it’s still difficult to tie organic search to revenue and ROI. Finally, it’s tougher than ever to create truly standout content, an essential component of any successful SEO.

To address this major challenge, we teamed up with Ascend2 to survey over 100 B2B marketers about their current approach to SEO. Download the eBook today and discover:

  • The SEO strategies your fellow B2B marketers perceive as the most and least successful.
  • How to craft a comprehensive content marketing plan to support inbound and ABM efforts.
  • Tips to close the loop on SEO ROI measurement.
  • How to optimize user experience to lift search rankings and conversion rates.

Grab your copy now and get the insights you need to win more high-quality leads and sales from organic search.

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