Optimizing the User Experience: Focus SEO on the Buyer, Not Your Brand

When it comes to lead generation, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a top performer, yet it’s tough to master.

A successful organic search strategy depends on publishing useful, relevant, and timely content for your target audience. However, many marketers fall prey to a common SEO mistake: Focusing content on the brand, not the user. To boost search engine rankings and elevate your brand, user intent should inform your keyword and content strategy.

Follow our webinar on-demand and discover what content relevance means for both users and marketers. We’ll discuss how to:

  •  Identify target users and their intent
  •  Discern content relevance through user searches
  •  Build a seamless user experience to drive more sales-qualified leads

Forecast the conversion path of your target user. Watch our webinar to get started.

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