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Attract, engage, and convert the accounts that matter most.

Account-based marketing (ABM) tackles today’s top B2B marketing challenge: Delivering quality leads. By focusing on lead quality over lead quantity, account-based marketing allows marketers to efficiently align with sales to win target accounts.

Despite its benefits and popularity, ABM can be a challenging, resource-intensive strategy to execute. According to a recent Demand Gen Report, 35% percent of marketers struggle to implement ABM due to lack of bandwidth.

That’s where DemandWave comes in. Our ABM approach complements your demand generation strategy to focus on the companies that matter most to your team. We support ABM with personalized content marketing and account-based advertising.

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Dive into Account-Based Marketing with DemandWave.

We begin with a comprehensive ABM deep-dive to understand which companies your team is targeting and why. Following intensive research on your target accounts, we launch a three-pronged strategy to influence your ideal clients via account-based advertising, personalized content creation, and conversion rate optimization. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Account-based advertising: We employ a powerful blend of firmographic and behavioral targeting to get in front of the right leads at the right companies at the right time. This includes taking a company-centric approach to three key platforms: account-based paid search, display, and social advertising.
  • Personalized, industry-specific content: Account-based content means crafting messaging specifically for your top-tier accounts. Our talented writers create industry-specific content that speaks directly to stakeholders at your key accounts to accelerate the buyer’s journey where it matters most. Our tailored ABM roadmap will include a prescribed blend of search optimized blogs, white papers, infographics, case studies, and more to convert your account wish list.
  • Conversion rate optimization: We believe in A/B testing for continuous improvement. As an extension of your marketing team, we optimize our campaign for results beyond raw leads and traffic. Our ABM approach is built to accelerate and grow pipeline opportunity.

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