Definitively tie marketing performance to revenue.

We live in an unprecedented era of data yet, marketers consistently name “proving ROI” as the number one obstacle to digital marketing success. What gives?

Despite the proliferation of analytics solutions, marketers typically stumble over two data dilemmas: Marketers are overwhelmed by the sheer volume of data, and data silos effectively block marketers from drawing meaningful conclusions.

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Zero in on the one metric that matters.

Marketing metrics abound, and confusion has set in. Cutting-edge marketing technology allows us to diligently track every click, visit, retweet, favorite, like, and share, yet this distracts from the ultimate marketing metric: ROI. Yes, qualified traffic and leads are solid indicators of success, but sales-qualified leads and closed-won deals tie directly to the bottom line.

Demonstrating marketing ROI depends on attribution analytics. Put simply, attribution means giving credit where credit is due. Understanding each channel’s influence on the buyer’s journey is essential to optimizing for revenue. Simplify ROI reporting with KeyTouch attribution.

Here’s an example of KeyTouch attribution at work:

  • Let’s say a prospect searches for “marketing automation software”.
  • Google serves an organic listing for your site linking to your latest eBook.
  • The prospect clicks on the link, but then decides to leave her desk and go to lunch.
  • While she’s browsing the New York Times in line, she sees a display ad for your eBook.
  • The prospect clicks on the ad and downloads the eBook.
  • Sales gives her a call and sets up a demo appointment.
  • A month later Suzie buys your software.

Without attribution analytics in place, display would take full credit for the sale and leave organic search missing from the equation. You need the full funnel picture to invest in strategy that drives more sales-qualified leads and revenue growth.

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